Dude, Where’s My Library?

ICYMI, last evening the Board of the Hellertown Area Library met via Zoom and rejected the $50,000 check offered by the Lower Saucon Township Council.

The agreement expires on January 31 and after that, Lower Saucon Township residents have no library services.

Nice work, Banonis, et al.  I’m sure that’s the outcome all those people who voted for you were looking for.

Word is from those on the Zoom call that Newbie Zavacky, our illustrious library liaison with all the bright ideas like “I just want to be a donor,” wasn’t on the call.  Probably would have taken too much of her time.  With no library, she’ll have a lot more free time now.

Hey, Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, you need to fix this now!  I feel my property values dropping as we speak. Who wants to live in a community that can’t even figure out how to support a library properly?

Hellertown Borough Council special meeting tonight at 7 PM at Borough Hall or via Zoom.  Here’s the Zoom link:  https://tinyurl.com/mrxsed33

Stay tuned!

And to Priscilla deLeon and Kristen Stauffer – thank you.